When can I become a student teacher?

Students are asked to become assistants by studying all subjects for several years. Good attendance in your classes is a must! Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a student teacher.

Do I need to let the studio know if my child will be absent?

Yes, please!! We would appreciate a phone call.
Attendance in all lessons is very important for the growth, development and confidence of a dancer.
If your child is unable to attend for any reason, please contact the studio so we are aware of his/her absence.
This will also allow us to relay any information to you that you may miss during that lesson/week.

When is registration?

Registration takes place at the end of the dance term in May. Current “Dance Family” Members have first priority then registration opens to the public about a week later.
Provided that there is still room available in classes, another registration will take place after the September long weekend.

*See more information on how to register your dancer by clicking here

Will my child be in a class with children of the same age?

Though we try to accomodate your age requests, we feel that having each child in the ability appropriate class is our paramount consideration. We always want your child to be in the level where he or she will have the best learning experience.

What does “Eurhythmics” mean?

EURHYTHMICS – eu-rhyth-mics [yoo – rhythmics ] – noun – Definition – movement to music: a system of physical exercise, therapy and musical training in which the body moves rhythmically and gracefully in interpretation to a piece of music


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