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The Pre-Competitive Program was introduced to Eurhythmics Dance Studio in 2009.
This program is designed for young dancers ages 7 and up. (Please see our current schedule for pre-competitive classes offered) It is designed to introduce the young aspiring dancer to festivals. Pre-competitive classes will participate in 1-2 local festivals (usually the Calgary area) that our competitive team also attends. It is a great opportunity for dancers and their families to see of the competitive program offered will suit your family and your time schedules.
Festivals are a great opportunity for dancers to gain confidence on stage with their dance and performance. They receive recongnition from highly qualified adjudicators as well as the opportunity to meet other dancers from around Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan and make new friends that share the same love and passion for dance.
The pre-competitive dancer is not required to take any additional classes on top of their chosen class, however, if they decide to go competitive, extra classes may be required (based on choice of discipline)
This program gives your young dancer another goal to aim for along with the year end recital.
A costume deposit of $60/class is still required and made payable to Eurhythmics Dance Studio and dated for October 15th.  If a dancer decides to withdraw from a class prior to this date, costume deposits will be returned.

*please note that participation in the pre-competitive program is up to the discretion of the instructors at Eurhythmics Dance Studio, Inc.


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