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The Eurhythmics Dance Society is a parent volunteer group that is dedicated in providing a variety of fundraising events and opportunities for all registered dancers with Eurhythmics Dance Studio. Once you have an account set up for your dancer, all of the proceeds/profits raised from any fundraising event that you participate in goes directley into your dancer’s account. These profits can be used to lower the expense of tuition fees, festival fees, costume fees, summer camps, ballet exams, dance workshops and prop fees. Click below for more information and to access a form to start your account.

Click here to read more about our Eurhythmics Dance Society and access your registration form to start an account for your dancer 

At our meeting in April of 2016 the society voted to donate 5 workshop scholarships at $250 each and also $625 to go towards a scholarship for a dancer’s tuition for our 2016-2017 dance term!!

We are very fortunate to have a dance society that can provide opportunities such as these to our dancers. If you are interested in becoming part of our board or would just like to come and see what the society is all about, please come to our next meeting!! We would love to see you there. Bring your questions and/or ideas.

Board Members

President – Dorothy Ellergodt – contact:

Vice President – Jeanette Madson – contact:

Treasurer – Andrea Reid – contact:

Secretary – Sarah Costen – contact:

Our next society meeting is September 20th, 2016 – 6:30pm at the studio- This meeting is open to all dance families. Come and see what the society is all about and can do for you and your dancer or bring your fundrasing ideas.

Fundraisers – The society is proud to offer many choices and opportunities to fundraise for our dancers.  Fundraisers will go throughout the dance term for your convenience to participate in all or select which ones work best for our schedule. Spolumbo’s, Balzac Meats, Purdy’s and the Cochrane Legion (steak nights) are just a few of the vendors the Society is partnering with this year. Information is posted in the Sudio on the Dance Society bulletin board. Emails are also sent to the families that have fundraising accounts. Further questions or inquiries may be made to any of the above society members via email.

Fundscrip – Don’t forget that you can earn funds all year round through Fundscrip. Please refer to the Dance Society bulletin board on how to sign up and order your gift cards.

How to Access Funds – To access your funds, you will need to contact the Society Treasurer. Deadlines are published in the Studio’s newsletters prior to when funds are due.

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